WQC- Vision and Objectives

Our Mission:

To provide exceptional professionals for the field of NDT and Quality Inspection and to redefine learning methodologies with innovation and practicality that will best serve the organizational requirements

Our Vision:

To embed youth with core knowledge and mold a Centre of excellence that shall build tomorrow’s leaders who will drive innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Our Objectives:

Apart from bringing a new face to the Oil & Gas Industry, Quality control industry.

WQC also aims to:

  • Be a recognized Centre of excellence and become a pioneering institution in promoting knowledge in the field of NDT, Quality Control and Oil & Gas.
  • Give a boost to the development of Oil & Gas Industry in the country. Keep Oil & Gas Industry abreast of changing times
  • Fill the vacuum created due to lack of skilled manpower in Oil & Gas industry by imparting innovative and intellectually challenging education in the segment.
  • Synthesize the highest academic standards with relevance to the needs to present business and commercial policies
  • Collaborate with organizations at national and international levels in areas of research, training, seminars and conferences.
  • Represent the interests of Professionals in the country and ensure that India does not lag behind in maintaining the internationally prescribed standards of Oil & Gas Sector worldwide