WQC Institute is one of the best training institute Kerala ,offering courses in QA/QC. The courses are designed keeping in mind the current requirements.This training course provides in-depth knowledge required for welding and piping inspection professionals including Technicians, Inspectors and Engineers called upon to witness, supervise or conduct visual welding Inspection and Piping Inspection activities. The Practical aspects are emphasized by ensuring the theoretical training is complimented with practical sessions concerning the details of Welding Inspection and Piping Inspections under he guidance of a qualified instructor.

Role played by a QA/QC Engineer

A QA/QC Engineer plays a major role in almost all industry. Their work involves monitoring of products,testing them and ensuring that it meets the specified standards. They have to check the durability of the products and in case of any concern try and find a solution to it. They have to make sure that the production takes place in the proper manner and the quality of the product is maintained. There are a wide variety of opportunities for QA/AC mechanical engineers .There are various techniques that are used to ensure the quality of the products. These techniques help them detect the irregularities at the initial stage thus helping them to find a solution for the same.

This covers the following areas of specialization:

  • QA/QC Welding Inspection
  • Duration :3 months
  • Topics: QC Welding section, NDT , Basic Piping Engineering, Welding Engineering
  • QA/QC Piping Inspection
  • Duration :3 months
  • Topics:QC Piping section, NDT , Piping Engineering and Basic Welding Engineering.
  • Diploma in QA/QC Engineering
  • Duration :3 months
  • Topics: NDT methods,Piping inspection,welding inspection,Basic fire and safety.