Plumbing (Water Supply/Drainage) Designing and Drafting

Plumbing Designing and Drafting is a major area in building design systems where students
are been taught in depth in areas related to water supply, drainage etc. A candidate pursuing
the course in this design field would be able to have a very good lucrative career in this area.


  • Common Sanitary Fixtures Details : Standard trap pipe & discharge pipe sizes, Standard slopes for the discharge pipes :
    • Wash basin
    • Water closet
    • Showers
    • (Sinks
    • Bath tubs
    • (Bidets
    • Urinals
    • Floor drains (Floor Gullies)
  • Lay out of sanitary fixtures in toilets. Formula for flow through pipes :
    • Darcy formula
    • Chezys formula
    • Manning formula
    • Hazen formula
    • Reynolds Number (Laminar / Turbulent Flow).
  • Water supply in building:
    • Direct system.
    • Pumped system.
  • Ground level (or) underground reservoir sizing.
  • Elevated roof tank (Storage cistern) sizing.
  • Pump selection (HP, Watts).
  • Water pipe sizing in Buildings.
  • Minimum number of smaller diameter water pipes that can be connected to bigger diameter pipes.
  • Plumbers chart for pipe sizing, Box formula.
  • Foul water drain in building stack, Branch drain/discharge pipe horizontal drain. Fixture unit rating,
  • Maximum number of discharge units allowed in stack, Single stack system, Design of horizontal drains by discharge units method.
  • Septic tank, Soak away pits, Dispersion trenches designing.
  • Designing of Storm Water Drainage in buildings.
  • Auto pneumatic system, Pressure Tank Sizing.
  • External water supply for building. Garden water supply & fountain water pipe sizing, Calculation of storage tank, Garden water fountain designing, Fountain pump selection.
  • Estimating Hot Water Demand, Heater Capacity selection.
  • Flush Water & Potable Water Loop sizing – (Software).
  • Designing of common appurtenances, Inspection chambers and Junction manholes.
  • Detailing of plumbing services & preparing plumbing drawing, Isometric Drawings.
  • Working drawings :
    • Location maps
    • Site plan
    • Plan of roof
    • Floor plan of the building
    • Enlarged floor plan of toilets kitchens