This training program is designed to provide practical knowledge and skills for entry level safety practitioners on industrial construction sites. This course prepares students to work as safety officers, technicians, advisors, coordinators or specialists. This program also promotes supplemental and refresher training for safety practitioners previously or currently employed in these occupations. This course is based on industrial practices, consensus standards like ANSI,NFPA,GHS,CSA,ISEA plus many more and is compliant with ANSI Z490.1 – 2016. This course is recognized by the World Safety Council. The world safety council is an organization of OHS professionals and practitioners, interested individuals, stakeholders, corporations and organizations from around the world advocating for improved worksite health and safety.

Fire Safety courses in India are becoming very popular, as keeping fire Safety backup will only provide a protection against loss of material and human resources. All most all the Industries in India are very much concerned about the Safety of their man power, equipment and environment. This has opened a huge employment opportunities in India. Government is strict on the issues of Safety management, imposing mandatory regulations on the Safety concerns. To cater the demands of industry and to provide them quality man power, several internationally accredited training programs in Safety management are offered by our institute. Thousands of our students employed globally. On completion of Fire Safety Courses, you are eligible to work in both private and government sectors in India/Abroad or alternatively you can work as a consultant too.

  • International Safety Education Council (ISEI) [UNIVERSITY OF SANDIAGO, (Extension)] as OSHA discontinued this program.We have made an agreement with Pixiu Safety Support International Inc. Canada to conduct industrial construction safety practitioner Course.
  • Those who satisfactorily completed 30 hours instruction in Industrial Construction Safety Practitioner will be awarded with Industrial Construction Safety Practitioner Certificate from Pixiu Safety Support International Inc. from Canada.
  • Our Institute is in partnership with Pixiu Safety Support International Inc.
  • Our trainer is approved trainer of Pixiu Safety Support International Inc.
  • Those who are passing out this course are eligible to get job as Safety Officer, Safety Supervisors etc.


B.Tech / Diploma / ITI / Graduates in Science / Commerce etc.

Following are the Course Subjects:

1 Role of the Safety Practioner
2 Hazards in Construction
3 Hazard Assessment and control
4 Communication of Chemical Hazards(GHS)
5 PPE in Construction
6 Job Hazard Assesment(JHA)
7 Toolbox Talks
8 Worksite Safety Inspection
9 Fall Protection
10 Working safely on Scaffolds
11 Electrical Hazards in Construction
12 Excavation Safety
13 Fire Protection
14 Safety and Health Programs
15 Basic Incident Management