This basic drilling technology course addresses the technology used to drill wells from a fundamental view point. Equipment and procedures involved with drilling oil and gas wells are described for those who are interested in understanding the drilling process .

  • Definitions and descriptions of drilling equipment.
  • understand the drilling process.
  • components and procedures are discuss
  • basic science concepts which guide these processes.
  • descriptions of drill bits, directional drilling, drilling fluids, solids control, .
  • cementing, casing, well bore stability, well control,
  • measurement-while-drilling techniques, stuck pipe, lost circulation, and well bore hydraulics.
  • understanding of drilling operations for all participants, with or without a science background.
  • clay mineralogy well bore instability and drilling fluids.
  • pressure and pressure
  • procedures and problems associated with drilling wells.
  • Rocks behave differently under pressure and understanding this behavior helps in understanding drilling
  • aspects of drilling operations and concepts and intent of these mathematical equations