API 580 / 581 Risk Based Inspection Certified Preparatory Course

API 580 / 581 Risk Based Inspection Certified Preparatory Course


This training course is designed to train individuals to understand the reasons for and benefits of implementing RBI. This course will impart knowledge to the participant so that one can effectively plan successful RBI projects and prepare risk-based inspection plans and optimize maintenance and inspection intervals.

Course Description

The course is based on API RP 580 Risk-Based Inspection and API Publication 581, Base Resource Document. The course first explains feasible means and alternatives for achieving a successful RBI program without undue complications. This course deals with RBI framework and methodology in a simple straight forward manner to establish and implement a risk-based inspection program best suited for the company objectives. Its utility is based on the premise that a few vital equipments in a process plant contributes a majority of the risk. Consequently, if these few equipments can be identified, then testing and inspection can be focused on them rather than several low-risk items.

RBI helps to prioritize their equipment for inspection, optimize inspection methods and frequencies, and develop effective inspection plan commensurate with the risk contribution and equipment condition The course is focused on methodology of actual implementation of RBI in Oil and Gas industry. It covers advanced knowledge of RBI implementation in addition to the knowledge required for passing the Certification Examination. The candidates should possess at least one certification out of API 510, API 570 or API 653 certifications

Who Should Attend?

  • Inspection Engineers, Mechanical Engineers,
  • Quality Control and Technical Supervisory personnel
  • Managers who are planning or implementing Risk Based Inspection System.
  • Refining and petrochemical engineers and inspectors.
  • Plant personnel from the pulp and paper, oil and natural gas, and chemical industries may also find the course beneficial.
  • A working knowledge of basic equipment is recommended.

What Should Students Bring While Attending Prep Course?

Students should bring to class: a calculator, a straight edge (or triangle), pencils, highlighters, lots of questions in mind related to codes, standards, and exam. All Exam students to bring the appropriate codes. Required for the API exam.

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