Advanced Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety Engineering

(Accredited & Certification by International Association of Drilling Contractors USA (IADC DIT USA))


  • Basic Fire Science
  • Industrial Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Scaffolding
  • Industrial Visits


Basic Fire Science and Equipment

Physics and Chemistry of Combustion, Fire Prevention, Fire Hazards, Fire Fighting Techniques, and Portable Fire Extinguisher. , Portable Chemical Fire Extinguisher First stage firefighting equipment, Fire pumps, Hose and hose fittings, Foam and foam making apparatus, Ladders, Ropes and lines, Standard Test for fire service equipment, Water relaying fire prevention, Chemical fires, Practical Fire Fighting, Ammunition and explosives, Means of Escape, Electricity, Gas and Dust Explosion, Medical First Aid , Automatic Fire detection cum control. High rise building and means of escape. Electrical Fire, their causes. (a) Fire Safety of Hazardous Chemicals. (b) Nuclear Fire Safety, (c) Environmental Safety (d Eco Friendly Fire Fighting System.) (d) Preparing for Fire Emergency. Fire Service Legislation Leadership and Management.


Pumps and primers, Water tender and special appliances, water relay system, water Works, Hydraulics, Automobile basics

Fundamentals of Industrial Safety

Importance of Industrial Safety, Causes of Accidents & Their preventive Measures, causation of Accident Theory, & Cost analysis, Safety Policy, Safety Committee and its activities, Safety and Loss Control, Work Permit System, Job Safety Analysis, Construction Safety, Fire Prevention and industrial Safety.

CONSTRUCTION Safety & First Aid

Civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation works, General and civil works, excavations trenching & shoring, ,Road works, Piling operation, Demolition, Asbestos and other fibers, Surface preparations, paints and coating, Hand tools and power tools, Environment and working places, . Safety nets, . Concrete and concrete forms, . Welding cutting and brazing,. Mechanical equipment’s,. Material handling equipment, . Electrical radiation Safety, Chemicals and compressed gas operations, Confined spaces hydrostatic pressure testing Scaffolding, Safety in scaffolding-overview. Terminology of scaffold, Scaffolding components, Scaffolds material,fabricated tubular frame and system scaffolding, Types of scaffolds, Design of scaffold, Scaffold erection & dismantling. Scaffold inspection. Material handling. Investigation of scaffold accident. Provisions on scaffold under the building and other constructions workers central rules, 1998. Annexure i-vii , Diagrams of scaffolds , Ladders , Safety while working on fragile roofs , List of reference and selected websites, Weights of materials building Fire Alarms andfire Prevention Fire alarm systems, Detection and Communication, , Fixed Fire Fighting Systems, Practical Fireman Ship Fire station and organization, Duties of fire station staff, Paramedics and First Aid

SalientFeatures of the Course

The Training program is accredited by International Association of Drilling Contractors under Drilling Industry Accreditation System (IADC DIT USA), confirms to the international standards. The certification is valid throughout the world for employment as Safety professional. Fire and Industrial Safety Engineering provides you very good employment opportunities throughout the world. Health and Safety engineers promote work site or product Safety and health by applying knowledge of industrial processes, as well as mechanical, chemical, and psychological principles.

The areas where you can get employed as Safety officer/engineer/manager are

Railways, Airports Authority of India, Defense forces, mines, Petrochemical complexes, C.I.S.F., ONGC, Electricity Boards, refineries, municipal bodies, steel plants, oil and gas, Rigs, Construction Industry, petrochemical, farma, agriculture, dock yards and many other organizations. Since Safety is the major concern for most of the organizations, so they prefer hiringSafety personnel adept with adequate skills. Not only this you may also opt for an entrepreneurial career by becoming a Fire Surveyor of Fire Consultant. Alternatively you can also get into a business line of Safety equipment, fire equipment, installation of fire detection and manufacturer of Safety and suppression system.


The curriculum is designed tailor made for Safety training programs most relevant to today’s industrial requirements. The Course is ideally suited for young generation who want to go for a short term professional training and desired to go for employment. WQC aims to offer a quality and comprehensive program that will give students a better understanding of the challenges in the Safety profession and prepare them to propel their careers forward. The Course can equip you with the foundation that you need for pursuing leader ship roles and career advancement. The carefully selected curriculum is “designed to provide students with abroad background in the management of first response operations dealing with fire Safety, as well as industrial and community disasters