Safety COURSE (Pixiu Safety)

The International Safety Educational Institute (ISEI) delivers osha based construction Safety education worldwide. The ISEI health and Safety curriculum is based on United State industry best practices and draws on our established history as trusted. The ISEI construction workplace Safety training program is a train the trainer program empowering professional training partners and their construction Safety trainers across the world.

Safety Practitioner (8 Hours)

Prerequisite: none

Curriculum is designed for every worker at a construction work‐site. It emphasizes the importance of Knowing and applying fundamental Safety practices at work. Trainers will be consistent with the course Objectives but customize the presentation to the needs of the participants. The curriculum consists of 8 hours of mandatory subjects. Participants receive a Safety Practitioner card (with photograph) and an attractive Award of Merit.

Safety Specialist (24 Hours)

Prerequisite: none

Curriculum applies a higher level of Safety awareness and application of safe work practices. It is designed for Laborers, Tradesman, Team Leaders, Site Supervisors or others with authority over the Work at a construction site as well as students who wish to advance to the Site Safety Technician class. In this course students will learn hazards found on a work site and the proper application of safe work Practices for their workers. The curriculum consists of 24 hours of mandatory subjects. Participants Receive a Safety Specialist card (with photograph) and an attractive Award of Merit.